PhD defense of Malo MANINI on January 28th, 2021

The defense of PhD thesis of Malo MANINI will be held on January 28th, 2021 at 10:00. It will be accessible with a conf call (due to the Covid-19 pandemy situation). The thesis is entitled “Resource allocation and scheduling in 5G networks”. It was made within B<>COM.


The increasing number of wireless network users and the diversification of their usage call for an evolution of the resource management methods. This thesis is based on 5G resource allocation techniques. In regular wireless networks, cells are managed independently. In this context, we propose a resource allocation algorithm with the aim of fairly guaranteeing the best service to users. When the cell charge is low enough to guarantee a sufficient quality of service, the algorithm redirects dynamically its priorities towards energy saving. This behavior allows to obtain an efficient compromise between capacity and energy consumption at different charge levels. In order to extend network capacity, the adding of new cells allows to broaden the available bandwidth and to reduce the distance induced signal attenuation. We present an algorithm of user repartition in a multi-cell context, which intervenes before the resource allocation stage. A user can be covered by several cells using different frequencies, thus its repartition will have strong repercussions on the cell charge balance and on the general quality of service in the system. The maximal number of cells in a sector is limited by its geographical environment. The Massive-MIMO allows to increase the cell functionalities while allowing a better energy directivity, and thus adding the spatial component to the resource allocation. We propose a new indicator evaluating the spatial compatibility of users based on past allocations. Once integrated in an allocation algorithm, it takes advantage of the superior capacities of Massive-MIMO.