ADOPNET (Advanced Technologies for Operated Networks) contributes to the specification of architectures, protocols, control mechanisms, and monitoring mechanisms for the next generation networks. Our goal is to build networks that are flexible, adaptive, energy-efficient, secure, and able to deliver content on a large scale to various types of terminals. ADOPNET, in particular, addresses the convergence of access networks, the combination of radio and optical technologies, and adaptive software-based content delivery networks.

The team has 3 main axis:

  • Content Delivery. The objective is to contribute to the development of new technologies to enhance multimedia delivery (e.g. Adaptive Streaming for Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services (eMBMS), interactive 360-videos) and to work on architectures for content delivery (e.g. content placement, network dimensioning and server management in the fog).
  • Network Control,  more specifically for radio access networks. This includes mobility mangaement, radio resource allocation and scheduling, multiple access technology selection.
  • Network Monitoring, which refers to the observation of network and traffic. Possible applications are traffic monitoring, detection/localization of failures, traffic anomaly detection for network security, Big Data technologies for network management.

Adopnet research team was created in 2015 and succeeds to ATNET and REOP teams.


Address Team Project Leader name: Xavier Lagrange email: Team Assistant name:  Sandrine Frouin (IMT-A/SRCD, +33 2 99 12 70 54), Armelle Lannuzel (IMT-A/INFO, +33 2 29 00 14 06), Gaelle Tworkowski (INRIA, +33 2 99 84 72 46) email:

Past Members

Faculty members Annie Gravey is now retired. Sandrine Vaton and Isabel Amigo joined Lab-STICC on 1 January 219 Samer Lahoud is now Professor at Saint-Joseph University of Beyrouth, ESIB – CIMTI Lab but has still tight relationship with Adopnet ! Gwendal Simon is now by Synamedia  PhD students (who got their PhD degree) What is given …

Research Axes

The three main research axes of the Adopnet team are : Content Delivery Network Control Network Monitoring Content Delivery The traffic related to multimedia content, and in particular video, has increased significantly over the past few years. This growth is expected to continue with the advent of new video formats (e.g., HEVC, multi-view, and Ultra …

Team Members

Faculty Xavier Lagrange, professor (HDR), IMT Atlantique  (leader) Alberto Blanc, associate professor, IMT Atlantique Bernard Cousin, professor (HDR), UR1 Cédric Gueguen associate professor, UR1 Nicolas Huin, associate profesor, IMT Atlantique Romaric Ludinard, associate professor, IMT Atlantique Loutfi Nuaymi, professor (HDR), IMT Atlantique Bruno Stevant, assistant professor, IMT Atlantique Géraldine Texier, professor (HDR), IMT Atlantique Cesar …