Category: Visiting researcher

Visit of Mónica Espinosa Buitrago

Mónica Espinosa Buitrago is at IMT Atlantique from 23th of October 2017 to 21th of December 2017. She is from Bogotá-Colombia. She is lecturer in Santo Tomás University in the telecommunication department and a PhD student in Javeriana University. She is working with professor Xavier Lagrangue on IoT, Television White Spaces and cognitive radio topics.

Visit of Oluwafolake OJO from Nigeria

Oluwafolake OJO, a visiting PhD student from Nigeria has joined ADOPNET from 5th September, 2017 to 16th November, 2017. She will be working with Dr. Gwendal SIMON on Peer-Assisted 360 Degree Video Technology for Low Capacity Networks and will be based on IMT Atlantique, Rennes campus.

Arrival of M. Chami

Marwa CHAMI has joined the Adopnet team for a 12-month post-doctoral project. She will be working on REREDO project : Overlay Networks based on SDN for QoS-aware routing and will be based on IMT Atlantique, Brest campus.

Visit of M.A. ALLALI

Mahamed Abdelmadjid ALLALI who is lecturer at the university of Oran (Algeria) is visiting ADOPNET from 1 to 25 march 2016. He works with Prof Bernard Cousin on wireless networks, energy conservation and traffic optimisation.