ADOPNET (Advanced Technologies for Operated Networks) was created in 2015. The teams contributes to the specification of architectures, protocols, control mechanisms, and monitoring mechanisms for the next generation networks. Our goal is to build networks that are flexible, adaptive, energy-efficient, secure, and able to deliver content on a large scale to various types of terminals. ADOPNET, in particular, addresses the convergence of access networks, the combination of radio and optical technologies, and adaptive software-based content delivery networks.

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Activity reports

Adopnet was created in 2015. The activity reports can be downloaded 2022 Adopnet report 2021 Adopnet report 2020 Adopnet report 2019 Adopnet report 2018 Adopnet report 2017 Adopnet report 2016 Adopnet report 2015 Adopnet report.

Scientific Publications

Publications HAL du labo/EPI adopnet;atnet;reop 2024 Journal articles titre Reinforcement learning for radio resource management of hybrid energy cellular networks with battery constraints auteur Hussein Al Haj Hassan, Sahar Jaber, Ali El Amine, Abbass Nasser, Loutfi Nuaymi article Computer Communications, 2024, 213, pp.135-146. ⟨10.1016/j.comcom.2023.10.025⟩ Accès au bibtex Conference papers titre Towards a participatory cloud infrastructure …


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