PhD defense of Ahmad FADEL on October 8th, 2021

Ahmad FADEL will defend his thesis on October 8, 2021 at 2:00 pm in Aurigny room at Irisa (building 12D), Campus universitaire de Beaulieu in Rennes. The title of the thesis is “Management of Radio Resources in a 5G Heterogeneous Network using Beamforming Technique & Millimeter Waves”. The direction of this thesis has been assured by Prof. Bernard Cousin. The jury members will be Véronique Vèque, Nadjib Ait Saadi, Carlos Faouzi Bader, Yassine Hadjadj-Aoul, Loutfi Nuaymi, Bernard Cousin.


Wireless system designers has been facing the continuously increasing demand for high data rates, improving the system capacity and mobility required by new wireless applications. Moreover, increasing the user throughput have become essential concerns for the future fifth-generation (5G) wireless communication network. In this context, densifying macro cells by small cells is proposed as potential solution that may bring many benefits such as improving the bit rate and signal quality, but leads to constraints operations on the management of radio resources.
Notably, millimeter wave (mmWave) installed for small cells base station (BS) due to its limited features is proposed as potential solution to avoid the interference between macro cell and small cells. Beamforming technique is used to increase the spatial domain utilization and the user rate in a cellular network. Thus, the challenge is to find new radio resource management approaches that aim to minimize the interference between adjacent cells, reductions in energy consumption, increase the total system throughput and enhance the spectrum and spectral efficiency in cellular networks. Accordingly, proper radio resource management is needed to exploit the benefits of the 5G and guarantee the quality of service (QoS) of the users.

The works in this dissertation focus on the user selections algorithm in a heterogeneous network (HetNet) in a way to achieve our objectives. In particular, this thesis first addresses the formulation of an optimization problem for joint beamforming, power allocation and user selection in a heterogeneous cellular network which aims to maximize the total system throughput. A modified version of well-know sub-optimal algorithms for resource allocation were proposed to the solve the problem. Equally important, we generate a frequency allocation angular based with fairness algorithm (FAABF) for a multi-user scenario to get a good solution for the proposed optimisation problem for a user selection based on angle-of-arrival (AoA) between user equipment and its serving base station, that aims to jointly maximizing the system throughput, spectrum efficiency and guarantees fairness between selected users.